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Sick Leave

Bloomington Independent School District

Sick Leave Pool


Bloomington ISD has established a Sick Leave Pool to provide a potential source of sick leave for those employees who have experienced a catastrophic illness or injury. “Catastrophic illness or injury” shall mean a life-threatening illness or disability requiring medical treatment or medical care of an employee and requires the services of a licensed physician. Elective surgery and routine maternity leave do not qualify for leave from the Sick Pool.


Refer to BISD Policy DEC (Local) for the current district policy. In addition to the policy, the Sick Leave Pool Committee has determined the following:

  1. There is no maximum number of local days an employee may contribute to the Sick Leave Pool.
  2. The maximum number of days that an employee is eligible for is 20 days per school year.
  3. At the end of the year, any unused days will remain in the pool. Unused days will not be returned to employees.


Requirements to be eligible for leave from the Sick Pool:

  1. The employee must contribute a minimum of (1) local day to the pool during the year of the request. The day must be donated by the annual deadline.
  2. The employee or employee’s representative must complete and submit the “Sick Leave Pool Request” form.
  3. The attending physician must complete either the “Sick Leave Pool Physician’s Statement” or appropriate FMLA paperwork.


Procedure for requesting leave:

  1. Complete a “Sick Leave Pool Request” form and submit it to the Human Resources Department.
  2. Submit a completed “Sick Leave Pool Physician’s Statement” or FMLA paperwork (signed by the physician).


Sick Leave Pool Committee Members:
Amy Whaley, R.N., Chairperson

Joyce Morales (PES)

Tanya Enriquez (PES)

Esperanza “Hope” Suarez, L.V.N. (BES)

Denise Warzecha (BES)

Rachel Castillo (BMS)

Shirley Mumphord (BMS)

Daniel Hybner (BHS)

Kenneth Peterson(BHS)


Bloomington ISD Sick Pool Forms