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August 16th, 2021 > First Day of School
Parents » Grievance Process

Grievance Process

STEP 1. Contact the staff member/ principal
The most direct route to resolving a concern is to confer directly with the person involved, whether it is a teacher, coach, bus driver, etc.  More than 95% of concerns are resolved by a conversation between those involved.  If your concerns are not resolved by contacting the staff member involved you should contact the building administrator.  This will usually be the campus principal.  The principal is in charge of each campus and is responsible for the school’s operation.  Explanations of policies and procedures, various clarifications and all types of campus information are available in the principal’s office.

STEP 2.  Level 1 Grievance - FNG(LEGAL)  FNG(LOCAL)
If your concerns are not resolved by meeting with the staff member, building administrator, and/or the campus principal, a Level 1 grievance may be necessary.  
Employees are encouraged to discuss their concerns through informal conferences with the person with whom they have the concern.
If your concerns are not resolved by contacting your supervisor you should contact the building administrator. Most times this will be the campus principal, director, or other administrator. You will be directed to begin the Grievance process as outlined in Board Policy DBGA Local.