New Student Registration

If you are registering a new student, you will need to come to the campus that your student will be attending.

  • Placedo Elementary ---- Headstart -- First Grade

  • Bloomington Elementary ---- Second Grade -- Fifth Grade

  • Bloomington Middle School ---- Sixth Grade -- Eighth Grade

  • Bloomington High School ---- Ninth Grade -- Twelfth Grade

The following items are needed in order to complete the registration process:

  • Student's Birth Certificate

  • Student's Social Security Card

  • Current Immunization Records

  • Original Utility Bill in Parent's Name along with a matching Driver's License

  • Valid Texas Driver's License or Identification Card

In addition, High School students will need:

  • Freshman student's final 8th grade report card

  • 10th, 11th, or 12th grade student's transcript from last school of attendance

Please Note: If student lives with someone other than a parent, additional notarized paperwork is required.